When it Absolutely, Positively will NOT get there on time …

    … or, The Downslide of the Once Great Federal Express

Sorry to say, FedEx is no longer the company we once knew and loved.

Used to be, you could set your watch by the company’s delivery schedule. How every package got delivered exactly between 10:15 am and 10:30 am used to blow my mind. But that is no longer the case.

The company’s falling far short of their once stellar reputation by being highly unreliable, delivering late or not delivering at all. I think their business model is probably becoming obsolete in this instantaneous gratification world in which we live.

The main problem that I see is that every Express package must be sorted through their Memphis facility. This is an enormous time-waster and totally unneeded in certain situations. I had a package delivered from Plattsburgh, NY, going through Newark and it stood there because it couldn’t get to Memphis due to “weather problems.” Now, UPS or the Post Office just takes that package and delivers it via truck to Long Island. FedEx doesn’t do that. When the woman told me this was the case, I called her a liar, because I couldn’t believe how a such a large company could do anything so incredibly stupid. But unlike the USPS and UPS, FedEx’s supposed “ground” service is 100% completely detached from their Express service, because the service was acquired (RPS) and left, as is. This is something FedEx is going to need to address ASAP because for what they charge to get a package delivered via Express service, they are not keeping up their end of the bargain … far more often than ever before. And they are unapologetic, and unlike USPS and UPS, will not make up for lost time and go that extra yard. And we are not amused.

A lot of the reason their corporate model is started to crumble is the increasing use of the Internet for “shopping,” especially at the holidays. People are no longer patient enough to wait 2 days to get their merchandise, and with every website offering free “guaranteed” next and 2-day service at this time of the year, they don’t have to. While it was not mandatory I get my package today, I was pretty peeved that FedEx did not keep their promise. Both UPS and the Post Office did.

Another thing wrong with FedEx is that if you send a package 2-day and it arrives at your local depot a day early, they will not deliver it earlier. This goes for 3-day service as well. Their Ground Service is atrocious, slower than First Class Mail, and 5 times as expensive. They also offer a similar service to the UPS Mail Innovations (where they coop with the Post office) but that service is slower than the Pony Express. Seriously. Try 3 weeks for delivery. It only takes 2 weeks via Pony Express. We won’t even talk about how many packages have gotten stolen via FedEx at hotels and the driver’s who don’t deliver packages because they have no idea where they are going and just leave it on the truck for the next day. Yes, this happens, all the time. As someone who sends packages every day, I can count on First Class Mail and UPS Ground with a higher reliability rate, and for what they charge, FedEx should be ashamed of themselves for their shoddy service record.

UPS does some pretty horrendous things, like driving over packages and leaving packages on your porch, and then shrugging when you can’t find it and saying “but it says “delivered” on your tracking!” As far as the Post Office goes, “yes we, um, shredded your card. Sorry!” Too, there are apparently scores of corrupt people delivering Express Mail who will steal your packages during the holidays. Despite these well-known glitches, UPS’s Express and Ground Services and the USPS First Class and Priority Mail services are far more reliable in a pinch when you need them than FedEx is. And a lot cheaper, too. Because they have to fly back to Mama Memphis to check in every single solitary Express package, this increases the possibility of error and delay 10 fold. Better rethink how you do your business, FedEx, or you’ll soon be “OUT” … of luck and business, not “FOR DELIVERY.”


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